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White night breast pads

White night breast pads

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The Night Breast Pads follow the woman’s sleep position, offering moms the most suited comfort during the night. The newly redesigned Breast Pads by Nûby™ are 3 times more absorbent while keeping a dry touch. They’re foreseen of a honeycomb lining to lock in all leaks, all night long.

In a nutshell
  • 30 disposable breast pads


  • Dry Touch, All Night


  • Follows the sleep position thanks to the contoured shape


  • Honeycomb lining locks in all leaks


  • High absorbency level: up to 80 ml


  • Thickness <3 mm; diameter 125 mm

  • 5 layers and 2 adhesive strips

  • Individually packed for hygienic transport

GTIN code: 5414959041369
ID code: NV0107003
Size of one Piece
Length: 13.70cm
Width: 10.00cm
Depth: 12.10cm
Size carton
Pieces: 6
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 28.80cm
Depth: 31.50cm